Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recycling bins are a godsend to mother earth

Do you recycle? Please say yes, and if not, make a commitment to start this year. It could not be easier with the gray recycling bins provided to Noblesville residents by Republic. I admit that I’m an avid (some might say rabid) recycler, so much so that I will save disposable cups and pieces of paper in my purse/diaper bag/van/pockets until I can throw them in the recycling bin. I twitch when I see something that could be recycled head to the landfill.
I did some checking at Republic’s website (www.indywaste.com) to see what they will recycle, so here we go:
• Plastic bags (Yes! Just throw them in. And bring your reusable bags when you go shopping)
• Newspaper delivery bags
• Newspaper and inserts
• Magazines and Phone books
• Soft cover books
• Office and School Papers
• Cardboard
• Boxboard (food boxes)
• Brown paper bags
• Aluminum Cans and Foil
• Tin and Steel Cans (rinse and put lids in cans )
• Glass Jars and Bottles (rinse – labels are ok )
• All plastic marked 1 through 7 ( Must be empty )

I checked on the plastics 1-7, since many communities only recycle 1-2, if they recycle at all, and Republic recycles all (with the exception of #6 styrofoam).
The recycling schedule is every other week on the same day as trash pickup. This can get confusing, as we have trouble remembering if it’s an on or off week, but we gauge the fullness of the bin and/or whether our neighbors have theirs out, figuring that they are probably more on top of things than we are. Hopefully you will consistently fill up the recycling bin and have a trash bin so empty it echoes. Say yes to working toward treading more lightly on Mother Earth.

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  1. Hey its Stephanie Weaver here,LOL!! You can also take paper to your local schools and they earn money for recycled paper. Most schools have very visiable bins in there parking lots. My kids go to Durbin and they have two and it helps raise money for little extras that the teacher wouldnt otherwise get. Just though this little tidbit of info would come in handy,LOL!!