Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time just won

It’s funny how lines are drawn and dots are connected in unexpected ways, isn’t it?  I recently saved a Word doc with the title ‘Time just won’t slow down’ and it showed up as the title of this column, ‘Time just won.’
This is the constant battle, isn’t it?  Don’t we often feel like we’re racing the clock and always under deadline and always running out of time?  I know the feeling very well.
It helps me to take a deep breath and try to remember that where I am right now is exactly where I need to be, and to enjoy the journey.
And I do love this journey. I feel like I’m on a path of constant wonder and discovery and I see no end to it.  I love this life.
One night last week, we headed downtown to the alley behind Kirk’s Hardware just as it was getting dark.  As the light faded from the sky and we commented what a gorgeous night it was, grateful for the lower temps, talented photographer Ernie Mills shot photos of my friend Lynn Spencer-Nelson and I lighting up the night sky with our LED hoops.  Music spilled out from my ipod as we spun our lights around each other, laughing and feeling so comfortable and so completely in our element with our circles of light. 
We even drew a little crowd of onlookers, who watched from their apartment window and then came out into the alley.
Time seemed to stand still while the minutes ticked away as though they were seconds.  Here we weren’t in a battle against time, but completely immersed in the moment and in complete love with it.
And this is what it’s about I think, finding a passion and a talent that you love so much that you lose yourself, in the case of Lynn and I—in our hoops—and in the case of Ernie—behind the lens of his camera.  We won.

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