Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ditch the dryer and do some line drying this year

Ahhh, do you love the smell of line dried clothes and sheets? There’s nothing like it. I think of my childhood and sleeping on my sweet smelling sheets that smelled like sunshine, and I can’t wait to do some line drying this spring in my backyard. We strung up a clothesline at our old house but still haven’t done it here (at our ‘new’ old house). There just doesn’t seem to be a good spot to put one up, and I’m dreaming of yards and yards of clothesline to pin up our garb. Anyway, this year we’ll make it happen!
So why line dry when throwing clothes in a dryer is so easy? Well, line drying is free, and clothes dryers are the second largest electricity sucking appliance (refrigerators are number one). What a great way to make a big impact on energy usage (or lack of) by ditching the dryer.

I also feel it’s a conscious move toward reclaiming a piece of a simpler life and simpler pleasures. Much like kneading bread can be meditative and restorative, so can line drying clothes.

Is that enough? Yes, I know, there are restrictive homeowner covenants in most subdivisions and many HOA’s outright ban clotheslines, but I have to say I would put one up anyway (and hey, it’s not like you’d rig it up in the front yard!). I like being subversive, personally, and I rather enjoy questioning the status quo. Not to mention, I’m all for people’s rights to line dry their clothes outside no matter where they live.

I’m looking forward to harnessing the power of the sun and wind and kicking back in my yard to watch my family’s clothes flapping in the warm breeze—it’s green and it’s free.


  1. I live in an apartment so a clothesline is not an option for me. But I have an awesome clothes drying rack that I place out on my deck. I get the benefits of that fresh smelling air dried clothes. I think we all can benefit from these small and really easy steps to reduce energy consumption. You are also right that everyone should have the right to hang their laundry!

  2. Mary, that is a great point, and thank you for that link! This would also be a great option for people who want something removable or who can't rig up a clothesline (like me) or live in apts, like you. Love it! I think I will purchase one of those--and it would be great on my screen porch in the winter. :)