Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1239 Logan

This new feature in The Current will run every other week and will feature a previous home tour stop from the annual Noblesville Preservation Alliance Tour of Homes.  See the NPA website here.

Location:  1239 Logan Street.
Owners:  John and Jan Utter, since 1981.
Constructed by:  Leonard Wild for Henry C. and Margaret Wild Gaeth, who owned the home for more than 50 years.
Style:  Colonial Revival
Cosmetic features:  The symmetrical front façade, fluted corner boards, palladian window and leaded glass sashes all reinforce the style.  The dominant feature is its half-round portico centered in the main façade. The portico roof is supported by fluted Ionic columns resting on brick piers, and dark-stained woodwork on the underside of the portico roof creates a stunning sunburst design.   The elaborate entry features dark stained woodwork, fluted pilasters, sidelights and 3-part transom.
What work have you done on your house?  “Oh, we had a ladder up, somewhere, for six years. When we moved in, we had a round oak table that was too big to fit in the kitchen. This led to the combining of the kitchen space with the sun porch in the back. We removed walls and floors gained the space we needed for our family.”
What are your favorite features? “The dining room has the most unique light above the table. It’s an etched and sculptured square fixture—it’s so pretty; and, coupled with the beveled glass window, makes for a lovely space. With 10 foot ceilings, wallpaper doesn’t go very far”.
Jan enjoys the close proximity to downtown and schools, and how “everybody’s house is different and interesting”. About her lovely house she says “The house empty, with nothing in it, stands alone. It’s a good house and is a great home!”

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