Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Magic of the Diana Theater

With hot summer nights upon us, I thought I’d share about a well loved movie theatre located about 16 miles north of Noblesville. A quintessential small town single screen theater, the Diana Theater, built in 1926, has reached iconic status. Moviegoers flock from miles and miles around, and the times we’ve gone we’ve always seen people we know from Noblesville.

Is it worth the drive? Well, if you don’t mind not having 16 screens to choose from, you want to experience some history and/or you want a fun date or family activity that won’t break the bank, the Diana in Tipton is for you. And I sure hope it is, it’s worth it.

Our last trip up there was late last summer and we’re overdue for another. We saw Up! and took the whole fam, which is always a feat and something we never do, with the exception of going to the Diana.

That’s because the Diana has a cry room. When the baby got restless, we just headed upstairs to the cry room and watched the rest of the movie up there without worrying about bugging anyone.

When we left the theater it was still light out and was 9:30. We marveled at it and took the drive home, stopping at DQ on the way. A perfect summer night.

But you know what gets me every time?

Noblesville had a Diana Theater once. Right at Ninth and Clinton, where there is now a parking lot. How did such a good thing get away? I don’t know the answer to that, but it makes me realize how imperative it is to embrace the small town charms and icons we have left and how much richer our lives are because of them.

Visit www.fandango.com, zipcode 46072 for the Diana’s movie times.

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