Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reusable straws? What a str-awesome idea

Reusable water canteens? Check. Reusable grocery bags? Check. Reusable glass straws? Check. Yes, the latest in my eco friendly discoveries is glass straws. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I haven’t bought plastic straws for years, in part because I can’t stand contributing more to the ‘use it once and throw it away’ collective when there are other options, plus plastic straws leach toxins, so when I learned about these glass straws I had to try them out.
I’m so glad I did. My family loves them. When my kids have friends over, they always make sure to offer them a drink ‘with a glass straw!’. And my oldest likes to pack a straw in her lunch too. Bonus, it makes drinking water, which is fairly boring, way more fun.

Strawesome makes a wide variety of straws, from smoothie to regular, clear to colored, as well as a variety of lengths. The straws are guaranteed against breakage (they’re made of borosilicate glass, the same glass that Pyrex is made of), and are handmade in the US.

The straws range in price from $6 for a ‘baby’ six inch straw, up to $13 for a 10 inch decorative bent straw. You’ll never need to buy straws again, so that’s a pretty good deal. Strawesome (http://www.strawesome.com/) also makes custom straws, which are great for unique gifts or party favors You’d better believe that all my kids want to give glass straws as presents to their friends now. And I want to give them to my friends, too. I think we just might do that.

As a special for Current in Noblesville readers, Strawesome is giving one free 8" regular plain straw with each order of $25 or more (one free straw per order). The coupon code is JUN10FS. Hurry--offer expires June 14, 2010.

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