Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1352 Cherry St.

Location: 1352 Cherry Street

Owners: Mark and Suzanne Augustson and son Asher (born in February), since 2008

Style: Based on the home’s original construction, c. 1875, the home was built in the Italianate style, which the hipped roofline and wide eaves suggest. The home appears to have been added on to multiple times. Both of the two front porches are original in their location, but with new materials.

What work have you done on your house? We did just about everything in this renovation, which has taken two years and we’re still going. This house was a teardown when we first bought it. We still have a lot of little things to do to the inside and the exterior is still in need of major renovation - taking off siding, landscaping, painting, etc. Next summer we'll start on that! We plan on just enjoying the house as is for awhile. Having a 6 month old makes it challenging to do projects!

What are your homes favorite features?

We love the large moldings and the hardwood floors. There is a different pattern in every room. We also loved the potential it had to be a beautiful home.

What do you like about this area/neighborhood? We love that the homes around us are well taken care of and that we are within walking distance of the downtown square. There is a lot of charm in town, we love living amongst it!

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