Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1408 Logan Street

Location: 1408 Logan Street

Owners: Marty and Cathy Deafenbaugh, since 2006

Style & History: This two-story wood-frame Victorian home was likely built by Charles M. and Mattie Carlin around 1894. A small balcony overlooks a larger, first-floor porch on the front of the home. During the 1930's, the home was subdivided into two apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs. The home was returned to a single-family residence in the early 1970's.

What are your favorite features? Marty's favorite feature is the upstairs sleeping porch with built-in beds, and Cathy’s favorite is the master bath that originally was a kitchen, then a laundry room, and now is a roomy bathroom with an adjoining laundry room.

What work have you done on your house? “We spent 6 months renovating our house before moving in and we were so fortunate to have found a local Noblesville contractor, MacInnis Construction and Design, to help us realize our vision. We took up the carpeting and refinished the original floors which are really beautiful and in great shape, stripped wallpaper and painted the entire house, putting up crown molding in most of the rooms. We added a small back porch and replaced the driveway as our last projects to date, whew! We think we are finished with projects for awhile!”

What do you like about this area/neighborhood? “We love our neighborhood and the proximity to downtown Noblesville with all the great shops and restaurants. We are so happy to have found our historic and beautiful home near downtown Noblesville.”

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