Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My random thoughts as we wrap up the year

I’ve got these random thoughts and questions in my brain, some of which seem like they would be obvious common sense things, but aren’t really. You’ll see what I mean. So, I thought I’d compile a few. Here goes:

*We buy quite a bit of non-dairy milk, but I’ve only ever seen it in half gallon cartons. Why can’t one buy soy, almond, or rice milk in gallon jugs?

*Why are the above milks only packaged in non-recyclable packages? That seems extra incongruous, since you buy them in the natural foods section of the store, yet can’t be recycled? I feel SO guilty throwing them away.

*Why are our trash bins twice as large as our recycling bins? No one thought to reverse it and make the trash bins smaller than the recycling bins? No one should be throwing away that much on a regular basis, and having a gigantic bin kind of makes it seem ok. I’ve never come close to filling my trash bin even halfway, but my recycling bin is always stuffed. Hello!

*After being repeatedly asked if I ‘tweet’ or ‘twitter,’ I finally stopped being a twitter snob and signed up for an account. Now what? I’m a little confused, but am assured by fellow twitter-ers that I’ll get the hang of it.

*Why do some people get so up-in-arms this time of year about the word ‘holidays,’ as though to merely use the word ‘holiday’ somehow detracts from Christmas? In reality, the word ‘holiday’ isn’t a euphemism for Christmas, but encompasses all the holidays that occur in December, which also includes Hanukkah, Solstice, and New Year’s Eve, right?

I’ll be back in 2011 with more random ponderings. Speaking of which, Happy New Year!

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