Saturday, March 26, 2011

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1759 Conner St.

Location: 1759 Conner St.

Owner: Susan Mayes, since 2006

Style and History: Key architectural elements on this cottage include the brick construction, arched entry and sharply pitched roofline. Prudence Darrah built the home c. 1928. At just 35 years old, she had been married and widowed twice. She lived here until 1935, then Russel L. Loser lived here with his wife for 38 years. A druggist by profession, Loser owned and operated the Corner Drug Store in Noblesville.

What are your favorite features? “My favorite features are the window seat flanked by built in bookcases in the living room, the deco front door, the arched opening into the stepdown living room, and the round-topped windows.”

What work have you done on your house? “Inside, I revealed and refreshed all the hardwood floors upstairs and down the stairway, put in new hardwood floors throughout the main floor and painted everything. Outside, I re-landscaped the front yard and put in a driveway, bricked my side yard, leaving squares to grow veggies, and put a pond in the backyard.”

What do you like about this area/neighborhood? “My first day here, two neighbors came to meet me, bringing food and wine. I didn't even know my neighbors in Indianapolis. I love walking downtown to shop, eat, attend the concerts, etc.”

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