Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It may not be natural, but at least the design is organic

I did something last week that I've wanted to do for years but could never
find something I loved enough to commit to. I got a tattoo. I know, I
know-eco freak earth mother got a tattoo?  That's not very natural.  But let
me back up for a bit.

            A couple years ago I got a henna kit to do some body art with.
Henna is a small bush that grows in arid tropical climates whose leaves
produce a natural red dye when dried and crushed. Mixing the henna into a
paste with lemon juice and applying to the skin in intricate patterns leaves
a deep red/brown stain known as mehndi (men-dee.)

            I mixed up some henna paste and my kids and I either copied some
of the mehndi designs or we designed our own. It was great and they really
got into it and enjoyed the process.  We wore the results proudly, which
last for about one to three weeks depending on where you apply it, and then
they gradually fade away. 

            I love that henna is a completely natural and safe alternative
to the commercial temporary tattoos which contain artificial dyes and
additives and that we got to be mehndi artists and play.  I also use henna
to dye my hair-it gives my brown hair a little red kick.

            So, back to the tattoo.  I knew I wanted an armband but just
couldn't decide on a design. I wanted something flowing and organic,
something with meaning.  I recalled how much I love mehndi, and I finally
decided on a mehndi-inspired armband.  It suits me, just like my nose

            If you're interested in henna and mehndi there are two companies
that I have experience with and recommend, www.hennacaravan.com
<http://www.hennacaravan.com/>  and www.hennaforhair.com
<http://www.hennaforhair.com/> .  They sell body art quality henna and have
loads of information on their sites. 

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