Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My dream world the same as reality

            I'm fascinated by dreams.  I love to hear and read about dreams.
Fantastical dreams, dreams that can be mined for meaning and archetypal
symbolism-symbols like snakes and labyrinths and crones-dreams where you
wake up with this incredible story fabricated right out of your own mind
with no conscious effort as you've slept.

            I don't think I've ever really dreamed these great dreams. Back
in high school, I remember one of my teachers telling my class that it helps
to try to recall dreams right upon waking up, but I rarely stay in bed long
enough to try to recall what I may have been dreaming.

            I've tried keeping a dream journal.  It remains largely empty.
Dreams are supposed to be one of the purest sources of knowledge, but I
don't have dreams where figures appear or things happen that have deep
meaning, like a friend who recently dreamed about her teeth falling out,
which apparently means anxiety or concerns about appearance.

            My dreams when I do have them, or recall them, are pretty
literal.  A few months ago I wrote a column titled 'Dreaming of a foam free
world.'  In my dream I was back at my alma mater, Purdue, in my old Windsor
dining hall. I was excited to be back for a visit until I looked around and
was crushed to see polystyrene plates and cups being used in place of real
plates and glasses. 

            As I've said, eco-consciousness permeates everything in my life,
even my occasional dreams.

            So a few weeks ago I had another dream that stuck with me.  Here
it is: I was travelling to area schools and libraries and giving talks on
why they needed to recycle and how to implement recycling programs in their
buildings.  Recycling in my dreams even!  

            Excuse me?  Where are the snakes and labyrinths and crones

            I guess if someone were to analyze my dreams they'd say I'm an
eco-freak in real life and in my dream world.  That's messed up, isn't it?

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  1. thank you! And oddly, I've been remembering my dreams much, much more. I guess I've really become more conscious of the dream world. They are still very literal though.