Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping—the Stubby Pencil way

I kind of geek out over shopping for school and art supplies. Well, certain kinds of shopping and certain kinds of art and school supplies that is. Like many shopping ideals I have, I dream of shopping in a cute little brick & mortar independent store for eco-conscious, well-made and aesthetically pleasing supplies, supporting a local merchant and bringing my own reusable bag (of course) to tote my purchases home.
Ah, no big-box stores, no bright fluorescent lights and dry air that makes my eyeballs hurt. No plastic bags, no extra wasteful packaging. Voting with my dollars and, instead of trying only to save a buck, being willing to pay a little more trying to support companies who care about sustainability and the future of our planet that our kids and grandkids will inherit.
So there’s not a brick and mortar art & school supply store around here but there IS Stubby Pencil (www.stubbypencilstudio.com). I stumbled upon the Stubby Pencil website a couple years ago via a craft blog I love (surprise, surprise) and have been hooked ever since.
You will find stuff at Stubby Pencil that I guarantee you won’t find in any big box store, at least not around here. Some of my personal faves include:
An amazing array of the coolest pencil sharpeners and scissors, lefty’s included, eco-highlighter pencils—hey, no plastic and no caps to lose (and they come in yellow, pink, green, blue and orange), soy crayons, glue sticks and paste that smell like almond marzipan (mmm!), rulers made from recycled phone books, Forest Choice pencils, Eco-friendly colored pencils, and washable markers made from 25% recycled plastic that can be re-dipped in water if they dry out.
I just visited their site again and they’ve added a lot more to their selection—they even have creative kits and crafts, which are perfect to stockpile for presents throughout the year. I receive no monetary compensation from Stubby Pencil for my endorsement, but I do have a special offer for Current readers: use the coupon code CURRENTSAVE now through 12/31/12 for 15% off your Stubby Pencil order. I’d love to know what you choose!

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