Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curb Shopping—a new Noblesville springtime tradition?

Curb shopping is a practice that has its origins in New England, where towns designate a week or so once or twice a year, often in the spring, and folks set out items they no longer want at the curb where they’re up for grabs for curb side shoppers to pick up and tote home.
It’s what communities did before craigslist, freecycle, or Goodwill, which are all great, but this is a tradition I’d like to see revived. I have actually wanted to organize something like this, ever since we got a flyer several years back stating that there would be a dumpster placed just down the street for people to haul their unwanted items to. That’s great for real trash, but why put completely useable items into the dumpster just because you don’t want them when those items might find a good home with other people?

That year I may or may not have climbed into the dumpster to rescue three completely serviceable (and cute!) outdoor chairs that may or may not still reside in my yard today. Ahem. And that’s when I got my idea, but by then it was really too late to organize something for that year. Since then it’s floated in and out of my consciousness , waiting.

But now. Now I have a great way to get this idea out to many people (thanks, Current!) and see what we can start right here. And why not? A little neighborhood swap, strolling along the streets in my neighborhood and coming home with some new-to-me items without spending a dime sounds like great fun to me.

I’m just a one woman show though, so if this piques your interest and you’re interested in helping to start this, contact me.


  1. I would love to participate. It's actually something I already do. When I sneak toys from the kids room I put them in a box in the front yard with a big FREE sign on them! :)


  2. that is great!! maybe we could meet at the coffee shop downtown to discuss sometime? I will email...

  3. Hey just a friendly reminder that when you pick up furniture covered in fabric, and all things antique looking to clean them really well. Our daughter has had lead poisoning for the last three years from a house we rented, and it has really opened us up to realizing that lead dust (the lead paint that is in the environment from friction of windows, doors, ect.) is on anything and everything that would have been in a lead painted house.
    I hardly ever buy anything new, but am very careful about this, and caution you to be also!