Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter to the Editor

     The following is a letter to the editor that was published 2 days ago about this article that I wrote.  I cogitated for a couple of days on it and how (or if) I should respond.  I wouldn't want to take up any of the paper's space to do so (plus the author will never read anything by me anyway!) so I thought I would put it here.  At the very least, I wanted to make a few comments.

     After twice having read the article, "Is the Hummer dead (yet)?" by Krista Bocko, I will never read another article written by her.  How do you equate driving a Hummer with "seeming narcissism?"  Do you want this kind of judgmental diatribe associated with Current in Noblesville.  This article is categorized as commentary, not intended to be used as a bully pulpit.  Or is it?  Have we moved from the purpose of a news publication to inform and bring new information?  Backed by facts, maybe the personal opinions of Ms. Bocko would deserve literary respect.  I find her use of the opportunity to speak via the Current not only narcissistic, but poorly deserving.  Thank you for the opportunity to bully back.  Thank God, this is still America for a while longer.  --Barbara Purvis

"How do you equate a Hummer with seeming narcissism?"  First, I don't know any Hummer drivers, so yes, I'm generalizing, but wonder how Hummer owners can in good conscience drive such a vehicle?  Any regard for the environment?  Any regard for how wasteful they are?  Or are they concerned solely with appearances and how they look and feel in it?  Hence, the term narcissism.  I could also have said ego-centric.  Point is, there is no need for civilians to be driving such a thing and I don't get it.

Is that judgemental then?   Well, I guess so, and to me it's a good reason.

She goes on to say I should include facts and information.  For the record, I do try to share information in my columns.  In fact, I shared the link on greasecars in my Hummer article.  And, as she notes, this is commentary.  I'm not required to inform, and I'm not a journalist.

"Backed by facts, maybe the personal opinions of Ms. Bocko would deserve literary respect."
What facts?  That Hummers get terrible MPG?   That they're annoying?  That GM required dealers to build those expensive quonset huts in order to keep their brand?  That there is no earthly need for a Hummer on these flat, paved Hamilton County roads?  This all seems like common knowledge.
And here is an analysis of 'narcissistic people' (It's called the Narcissism Epidemic--their words) and the economy.

Well hey, I'm grateful for free speech.  And PS--I really don't try to make people mad.  Really.  I'm a pretty diplomatic, peace loving person.  However, I don't think all things are equal or reasonable and I do like to express my opinion.  So there ya go.


  1. Most the women who drive Hummers dont have a clue where the edge of the road is and they drive over the center line and take up most the road, If i was a police officer i would definately have to oblige these morons with tickets for driving left of center! I used to own an envoy that actually got around 23 miles to the gallon on the highway. But the other factor, it was more spacious then a hummer ever thought about having! And yes its simply status! Well now that they are dead so to speak, good luck getting parts!

  2. Krista, if you're going to judge people that drive vehicles that get poor gas mileage then you should be fair and include all that get just as bad or worse mileage as a Hummer in the list below. (source:

    GMC Yukon
    GMC Sierra
    GMC Savana
    GMC Envoy
    Chevrolet Avalanche
    Chevrolet Colorado
    Chevrolet Corvette
    Chevrolet Express
    Chevrolet Silverado
    Chevrolet Suburban
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    Chevrolet TrailBlazer
    Ford Expedition
    Ford Explorer
    Ford F150
    Dodge Challenger
    Dodge Charger
    Dodge Dakota
    Dodge Durango
    Dodge Ram 1500
    Dodge Viper

    Some of the people that own these vehicles are probably the same "conspicuous consumption" people that call and hire you to come clean their homes or help them get rid of things they have hoarded over the years.

    Without them you might have fewer customers to pay you for your service. Be careful not bite the hand that feeds you.

  3. Jeff,
    I know there are lots of cars that get horrible MPG, so, you're right.

    I just wish (general) we could maybe wake up to how wasteful they are and push for alternatives, you know?

    Perhaps I was too punchy that day, again, not intending to make people mad. I had just read The Story of Stuff ( and hopped up on how wasteful we ALL are at times, in order to project an image or our importance. It goes beyond Hummers (FAR beyond), they just happen to be an easy target. :)

  4. Great... next you're going to tell me I can't leave my Lamborghini Murcielago idling so I can run the AC when I take lunchtime car naps on hot summer days.

  5. Yes, that's right treboR--don't you even THINK about it! Ornery.