Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1532 Clinton Street

Location: 1532 Clinton Street
Owners: John and Sarah Williams, since 2005

Constructed by: John Toll, circa 1881. The home was built in four distinct sections, with the second addition built in 1912 and two downstairs rooms and an oak staircase added by 1932.

Style: Two story vernacular

Cosmetic features: This home features a screened in front porch, wood floors and a beautiful oak staircase and moldings, as well as tall windows and the odd nooks and crannies that come with an old house. It’s speculated that Mr. Toll, who was a partner in a local plastering business, may have done his own plastering of this home.

What work have you done on your house and what do you like best? “We installed a soapstone stove in the front room, we have done cosmetic things like painting, installing a tin ceiling, and are restoring and refinishing the stairway. It turns out that our house was built without a load-bearing wall, so after a few years of stepping carefully on the dining room floor, we had jacks set up in the cellar to shore up the floors. The previous owner, Jan Reinhart, told us this house has a kind spirit. This house is easy to live in and feels comfortable and comforting.”

What do you like about this neighborhood? “It has a sense of place and character that we were drawn to. We love to patronize downtown businesses and restaurants, and we also like the mature trees on our brick street.”


  1. Very lovely...and I agree about the home having a spirit about it. Just by the photo it seems to have a cozy, come-hither feel. Great post (:

  2. It's so amazing that some people want to live in historic homes like this one. Sure, it's very special, and frankly, I'm quite surprising that it remains in such a good condition so many years. hoping for many years to come..