Monday, May 3, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--812 North 10th St.

Location: 812 North 10th St.

Owners: Rob and Jeanne Lawson and children Alice and Clara, since 1999

Constructed by: Homer and Lulu Brown, circa 1919.Homer was a retired carpenter who took much pride in his detailed woodwork.

Style: Dutch Colonial Revival. This style of home is a subtype of the popular Colonial Revival and is distinguished by its gambrel roof and frequent use of dormers and was popular from 1890-1930. Other common Dutch Colonial characteristics of this home, besides the gambrel roof, are clapboard and shingle siding, columns for porches and entry, and the balanced symmetry (and sometimes balanced asymmetry) of the fa├žade. The Dutch Colonial Revival is one of the most varied 20th century home styles.

What work have you done on your home? We opened up the front porch (it had been enclosed into office space when the house was used as the Rectory of Our Lady of Grace), removed aluminum siding and added historic outside paint colors, we’ve done extensive landscaping, removed three dropped ceilings, and removed all the carpet to expose the hardwood floors.

What are your favorite features? We love our ‘egg and basket’ woodwork throughout, the limestone fireplace which was added in the late 1930’s, our front porch and our large basement, which is four usable rooms housing a study, a playroom, a storage and a craft room.

What do you like about this neighborhood? We can walk everywhere—library, church, school restaurants, shopping, and parks. We can even both walk to work.

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