Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revisiting a couple of topics and introducing a new one

Sometimes we get lucky and write about stuff that resonates with our readers. We love hearing from you.

Here’s a followup on a couple of past topics I’ve touched on and received feeback from you, plus something new to think about.

First, my article about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I keep hearing this show brought up again and again, which is good. I had listed when the show was on, but unfortunately the season finale had just aired while the paper went to print. Oops! I hope the show comes back in the fall. Meanwhile, our family continues to try to make better food choices, and we’ve planted another vegetable garden this year-my children are proud to grow some of their own food.

Second, my curb shopping column got good feedback, too. And guess what I just learned? May 15 was ‘Give Your Stuff Away Day’, formerly known as ‘Curb Day.’ Heck yeah, great minds do think alike. Founder Mike Morone wants to make it a world-wide twice annual event, an (almost) like magic event where you place valuable but unwanted stuff at the curb for people to come find and take home. Before I knew this, I placed a craigslist ad in the ‘free’ section listing a bunch of items I wanted to donate, placed them by the alley, and they were gone within hours. Visit for more info.

And finally, speaking of reclaiming ‘junk’ from the landfill, I am collecting pop can tabs, wine bottle corks, and twist off bottlecaps (be sure to recycle those cans and bottles!). I love being at a party hearing people ask others to save the bottlecaps and corks so they can make things with them. My kind of people! If you have these things and would save them, we would be grateful.

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