Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Co-op preschool fosters love of learning, community

You know what I love? I love the constant discovery of whole new worlds that I never even knew existed and seeing the passions of people who are so synced with their gifts, doing what they love. Kids radiate this.

Recently I was doing some writing research about preschool philosophies. I already have experience with several of the different types of preschools, but I didn’t know about Cooperative Preschools (Co-ops.) I was so intrigued by the one I was corresponding with in Indy that I was wishing there was something similar here in Hamilton County.

And then a friend of mine, Sara Heiliger, clued me in that there is. Fishers Pointe Co-op is the only co-op preschool in the county. It’s awesome, and it may need to close if a new space isn’t found in the next few months (see related story on page __.)

I went to check it out for myself. I saw kids totally immersed and learning (that’s what I love to do, too.) I saw teachers and parents who are deeply committed to this school and its philosophy.

I saw why it’s so loved by Sara and all of the families involved. The philosophy is play based, allowing for a child’s freedom to explore their interests in an open-ended and organic way with age appropriate activities and guidance in the classrooms.

For parents, co-ops offer a place to become involved in their child’s preschool experience, as well as a community of other families that you actually get to know, due to the co-op structure. Parents help in the classrooms a couple times per month and work together to run the school. Because co-ops are parent run, tuition is much less than non co-op preschools.

I want to see the school continue, and am hopeful that somehow they can find the space they need to continue their tradition.

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  1. Lovely! this is where I send my son. He is in the same class as Sara's son.