Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1464 Harrison St.

Location: 1464 Harrison St.

Owners: Gary and Heather MacInnis, since 2006

Style & History: This Victorian home, built by Loren L. Hankley circa 1910 features two front porches, which is an unusual element. It retains the ten foot high ceilings and beautiful original woodwork. It was a single family home until being converted to a duplex sometime during the 1920’s. The MacInnis family has restored both sides of the duplex.

What are your favorite features? “We love all the decorative trim on the exterior. It gave us a chance to use a lot of color!”

What work have you done on your house? “We’ve put in a new furnace and ductwork, added AC, rewired the house (due to an electrical fire which occurred three days after closing because of improper splicing of old ‘knob and tube’ and romex in the attic), remodeled a bathroom and kitchen, rebuilt one of the porches, fenced the backyard, landscaped, repainted the exterior, and replaced two windows. We plan to do more painting and rebuild the other front porch in the future.”

What do you like about this area/neighborhood? “It's close to the playground at North, so in the summertime we take the kids down there to play. We also love being able to walk downtown and to friends' houses that live nearby.”

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