Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Memories Part One

I’m writing this in my living room at midnight. The house is blessedly quiet and moonbeams spill through the panes of glass in my front door like pools of liquid silver. It has been a beautiful summer weekend of making memories. Friday night the 23rd, we went to the Jack Johnson concert with my sister and brother in law, Katie and Abdon, an unexpected treat. We caught up a bit on each other’s lives as we carpooled in, and then each debated whether or not to shell out eight bucks for a beer, finally deciding ‘why not?’, noted the recycling bins (and by the way, I was very happy to see Jack Johnson’s efforts to make his concerts and tours minimally impact the environment) and we soaked up the atmosphere.

I promptly spilled almost a third of my $8 drink on myself and laughed at my clumsiness. The moon rose behind us as G-Love and Jack Johnson treated us to a perfect summer evening of music. A storm was coming in, and after the concert finished we made it back to the Jeep before the skies opened up. We were buoyant at our good fortune for not getting stuck out in it.

We also had a laugh on the drive home as I directed my brother in law to go south on a certain road to get to the road we needed to be on, nevermind the ‘Road Closed’ barricades. What could go wrong? It turned out that the road really was impassable, and we ended up turning around on dirt and backtracking. I don’t think they’ll take my directional advice again. Ahem.

I feel full to the brim with love and gratitude for all of the amazing people in my life. Thank you. Part 2 to come next time!

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