Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who needs matching dinnerware when friends are a perfect fit?

This summer we resumed our (once annual) ‘Summer Soiree’, deciding to hold it on the night of the Street Dance. This was perfect because we live downtown and this way our friends could stop by and hang out, and then walk over to the dance if they wanted to.

I wanted to make the party as earth friendly and lovely as possible, and to gather what we already had, which meant using real glasses, silverware, plates and napkins. I didn’t care if they were mismatched, actually I prefer it. Thanks to the wonders of facebook, I was united with card tables, chairs, glasses, and dozens and dozens of vintage 1950’s snack trays (thank you, Brenda, and I support you in your snack-tray-collecting compulsion, even though your family subjects you to endless teasing). I set up the tables with my vintage tablecloths, stocked the cooler with beer, and we were ready to go.

Our friends came and went and we savored delicious food, drink, conversation and music. It was fun to see everyone re-connecting with old friends and making new. As dark fell, the lights strung on the clothesline lit up the night and the hula hoops came out. I loved hooping with my friends and laughing as we showed our mad hooping skills. And I laughed watching my friend Kristin take ‘duck face’ pictures of some of the guests. If you don’t know what ‘duck face’ is, you’re missing out. Or maybe not. As storms started to blow in, we packed it in, sad it was over but grateful to have had a gorgeous summer evening in this place.

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