Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Historic Homes of Noblesville--1336 Conner Street

1336 Conner Street
Owners:  Vernon and Dottie Young, since1987
Style & History:  Queen Anne vernacular cottage, circa 1880, built by Marion and Mary Essington.  This 1 ½ story home features a large bay window overlooking
Conner St.
and a large front porch.  Marion was a Civil War Veteran and died as a result of lingering effects of a Civil War wound. Mary finished the home and lived here with her daughter Clara until her death in the early 1920’s. The most notorious owner was Citizens National bank president Harry Craig who embezzled money from the bank in the 1930’s.
What work have you done on your house?  We’re wallpapering the kitchen and putting a new shower in the downstairs bath. We’ve had the chimneys restored, turned an upstairs ½ bath into a full bath, put in  new wiring, plumbing, furnace, roof, taken out carpet, you name it. We wonder what people in new homes do for fun.”
What are your favorite features?  “We love the walls that are three bricks thick, the bay windows, the coffered ceiling on the front porch, and the limestone window sills. Inside I love the bay window and original fireplace  and our large kitchen.”
What do you like about this area/neighborhood? “Our neighborhood and our neighbors. We love being able to walk downtown to shop and have lunch or dinner with friends and being able to walk to Forest Park or Seminary park.  Noblesville's old town is still a small town.”

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  1. Nice! The old homestead is lookin' good. Dottie and Vern are my parents...