Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In review: my eight great causes

Over the past year, I’ve stirred up a little fury with my thoughts on a few controversial topics. Vaccinations? No sticks, please. Circumcision? Go natural. And, perhaps, divisive topics: Hummers and the oil spill. What a waste. What a shame.

To celebrate my first anniversary at Current, my editor thought it would be a cool idea to compile a review list of some of the hot button causes I have championed – a couple of which he reminds resulted in a few cancellation threats which were eventually quelled.

Here goes everything:

1. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/DIY. I’ve written about include reusable bags, glass straws, line drying, cloth diapers, the tradition of curb shopping that I want to revive, my hippie parties where we make our own body care, and, of course, recycling. No Hummers!

2. Vaccination. My 2-year-old, if we followed the CDC vaccination schedule, would have received 27 sticks so far for a combination of 37 vaccines, an average of 1.5 per month. I can only foresee even more vaxes being added to the already (over) full schedule. Research and challenge with questions.

3. Birth matters. My first column here was on homebirth, which is a valid option for women who want to seek out the alternative to hospital birth. I think all low-risk women would do well to consider it, and there are homebirth midwives that serve this area.

4. Shop local. These business owners are the people who live and work and give back to your community. It’s so much more satisfying to shop local than to funnel more dollars into yet another chain store or restaurant.

5. Circumcision. More controversy here, but again, it’s worth questioning why this cosmetic procedure is even done with (in most cases) no medical reason.

6. Breastfeeding. Mothers should feel comfortable nursing their babies anytime, anywhere, without fear of harassment, embarrassment, or references to it being ‘creepy’.

7. Community. Here’s to block parties, house parties, book clubs, supper clubs, and just visiting on porches with neighbors. I think we all crave community and are somewhat at a loss to regain what we know intuitively that we’re missing in our lives. I’m trying to make efforts to help create it in my neighborhood, and so are my friends.

8. Soulfulness. I guess this is what it comes down to: being willing to question and change direction when necessary, seeking to go deeper relationally with yourself and others, and being your authentic self.

Thanks for reading me, whether you agree with me or not I just want you to think about it.

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