Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Tips to Get Back What You Paid--Tricks and Tips on Becoming a Indy Resale Pro

Savvy shoppers can often break even on purchases by buying items and re-selling them when they're outgrown. With everything from books and music to kids resale shops, swaps and online selling, here are 10 ways to sell your stuff and make a little Green while being green:
1. Books, Music, Movies & Games: Cash offers are made while you wait. Bonus: It's a great way to clean out bookshelves and a potentially free outing, depending on how many books wind up in your shopping basket.
2. Consignment Sales: These sales, often held in three-day increments in the spring and again in the fall, offer current baby gear, toys, clothes from newborn to size 12 and maternity clothes. Consignors earn 60-75% commission from sales.
3. Kids Resale Shops: Parents may sell clothing and accessories purchased within the last five years for cash.

4. Sports Equipment: Some sporting goods stores will turn your used sports equipment that has lots of life left into cash, or trade it for new or used equipment.
5. Women's Consignment Stores: Consigning your in season and current clothing is a great way to make 40-50% of the selling price. Stores usually consign clothing for 90 days, after which it's either donated or can be picked up. Some consignment stores also offer cash buyouts.
6. Online Selling: Whether selling on eBay or craigslist, the best way to sell clothing via these venues is usually by the lot in order to make it worth your time.
7. Mom Forums: Local forum has an active Buy & Sell page. With categories for Baby & Kids, Toys, Clothes and Household, it's a free and easy way to let other moms know what you have.
8. Garage Sales: If you're planning a garage sale in the spring, here are some tips: neatness counts—keep clothing items grouped by size and gender and on tables and racks. Advertise on craigslist and local forums. Price to sell. Good signage is key, as is neighborhood participation. (People are more likely to stop if there are other sales nearby.)
9. Online Swaps: Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail? For just five bucks plus shipping, thredUP online clothing swap allows parents to pick from boxes of gently used kids clothing, buy it and get it in a few days. Then you list a box of your own (it is a swap after all) and ship it for free.
10. Local Swaps: Indy has a monthly free swap at Earth House Collective. For small groups, organizing a swap at someone's home is a fun & frugal way to acquire some new clothes or accessories as well as declutter some items you'd donate anyway. Leftovers get taken to Goodwill or other thrift stores.

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