Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hoopers converge for workshop in Noblesville

Scott Nelson spins LED 'twins' at the HoopPath party

Over thirty hoopers from all around the Midwest “hooped it up” on Jan. 21 through 23 at the Boys and Girls Club in Noblesville. Attendees honed their skills at a HoopPath Indy workshop, the first workshop of its kind in this area.

Hoopdance is a unique, meditative and relatively new phenomenon that has been catching on worldwide for around ten years, incorporating spins, tricks, and a core and full body cardio workout. In hoopdance, also known as ‘hooping,’ larger, heavier hoops are used.

“I love hooping because it makes me feel like a real dancer. I went to HoopPath to work on opening up into that dancer identity,” Bloomington resident Clara Kallner said, “and I came away with a whole new understanding and appreciation of my body and mind. Nothing makes me feel as free as spinning with my hoop.”

Jonathon Baxter, founder of the HoopPath movement, resides in Carrboro, North Carolina, and travels worldwide teaching the HoopPath style of hooping in a series of three day workshops, emphasizing techniques that strengthen the Mind, Spirit, and Body connection.

Students came away with a deeper level of understanding of not only their current hoop practice but the levels to which they could take their practice. “I went to learn and learned more than expected," Noblesville resident Nikki Goodwin said.

Weekly Hoop Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm in downtown Noblesville by hoop teacher Lynn Nelson. Classes run in 4 week sessions for $45. The current session is full, and the next session begins February 15.

Newcomers can try the first class of the new session for $15. Hoops will be provided. Contact indyhoopers@live.com or visit the IndyHoopers page on facebook for more information on local classes.

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