Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Historic Homes of Noblesville--195 S. 10th St.

Location: 195 S. 10th St.

Owners: Billy and Kandi Jamieson, since 2009

Style and History: This circa 1874 Italianate was built by Noblesville attorney Francis Trissall and is defined by a deep, bracketed cornice and ornate window and door trim. The home’s footprint remains the same, although the concrete porch was likely added around the 1920’s, replacing the original wood porch.

What are your favorite features? “We fell in love with the large windows. We have three bay windows and an original black Italian marble fire place in the front room, and original hardwood floors, baseboards and trim.”

What work have you done on your house? “The ceilings had drop ceiling panels to cover the damaged plaster, the floors were covered in layers of linoleum and carpet and it didn't have a working kitchen. We’ve restored all the rooms back to their original height and size. My father taught us how to re-plaster and drywall. We put in new ceilings, restored the oak floors, and put in a new kitchen. We're working on refinishing the floor in the front room so we can enjoy the fireplace and use the room as the Arthouse office. We plan to tackle the outside of the house with paint and landscaping. I look forward to the day I can look at the outside of my house and see how marvelous it must have looked a hundred years ago.”

What do you like about this area/neighborhood? “We love the location, it's perfect for a business and a family home. We're two blocks away from Seminary park, and in warmer weather we take the family on bike rides around the neighborhoods. We have lovely neighbors and feel at home here.”

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