Thursday, October 20, 2011

Be Open Minded--Arthouse

(this also wasn't published, but hey, I'll blog it, too)

Art Teachers Billy and Kandi Jamieson of Arthouse recently wrapped up a Graffiti and Mural painting class, where the end result was a collaboration of ideas and designs painted onto a vintage VW bus.
Often graffiti is painted without permission, but “it’s also a style,” Kandi Jamieson said.  “In the class, we went through the whole history of it.  Graffiti art is a way to make political statements. Kids have something to say. Let’s allow them to speak their mind—they need a voice.”
The Jamiesons juxtaposed the concepts of graffiti and murals together in the class, allowing students to contribute ideas and collaborate on the design for the bus.  “We had to compromise and even agree to disagree sometimes.
One of the phrases that was painted on the bus, Be Open Minded, “really captured it,” Kandi said. “Even for adults who see graffiti art around, for them to be open minded and ask ‘why are kids doing this?’”
“Have we given them the opportunity to speak their mind and a place to create art? That’s what we want to do here.”
The Jamiesons plan to continue offering the Mural and Graffiti classes, and hope to do some inside murals in the colder months.  Stop by Arthouse at 195 S. 10th Street, visit or call 773.0038 for class schedules.

Photo cutline: “Billboards are all over and right in your face, why can’t art be like that?” Kandi Jamieson, who wants to see more public art in Noblesville.

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