Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 'ville is good, but could be great

I’ve tackled controversial topics in this column before, indeed.
            I’ve always shied away from writing about politics, however. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe because I know how divisive it can be, and in general I don’t feel qualified to discuss matters that seem way beyond my scope of understanding.
            I’m not apathetic though. My parents’ words echo in my head every time an election comes around, “if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.” I always head to the polls.
            Well, I’m writing about politics now, and not because I have delved into matters of tax abatements and TIF districts and have any insights there, but there are some things that I have observed.
            We were happy to put our two cents in when the city hired a firm to garner citizen input and put together a strategic plan for downtown. We’d given our ideas as to what we’d like to see and we had this vision dangling before us of what Noblesville could be. A Riverwalk? More walkability and more diversity of shops downtown?  More public spaces, trails, and ooh, how about a theater to replace the ones (yes, multiple) that were torn down once upon a time in favor of parking lots?  The plan was put together and…nothing happened. This was in 2005, and downtown still pretty much looks the same.
            I’m concerned about the unprecedented Positron deal. $7 million given to a company called Positron, currently already based in Fishers, so that they would build a facility in Noblesville. $7 million. That could have gone a long way toward a parking garage or two and a downtown theater, both things that would have enhanced downtown and met needs for the public sector.
I have several friends new to Indiana and to Noblesville that have expressed their disappointment in our lack of voting pool diversity here.  One said to me, “I’m used to having a large pool to pick from either party. Not having that can’t promote true democracy.”
With the election coming up in two weeks, I’m thrilled there is an actual mayoral race. You’ve probably seen the signs around town, ‘Mike Corbett for Mayor.’
You can check out Mike’s website, to read about his positions. Most important, make your voice heard on November 8. You can even vote prior to Election Day by going to the Election Office at the Judicial Center downtown. 

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