Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still spinning the circle, seeing where it takes me (sept. 20)

Last weekend I participated in a Neighborhood Block Party in downtown Indy. Windsor Park is a historic neighborhood on the near east-side, near Chatham Arch and Mass Ave. It was a beautiful Saturday, the cold and rain that was predicted and that populated the previous week never materialized. We were so grateful for the sun that warmed our damp bones.
I brought my six year old hooper and helper, Lily, and we set up our ‘hoop booth,’ having brought community hula hoops for the party goers to hoop to the live music. Lily became immediate friends with a girl her age who lives in the neighborhood, and kids and adults gravitated to the hoops we’d brought.
Two of the girls became so enamored with the hoops that they ended up spinning them for hours. They got so good that I challenged them to a race. We ran, with the hoops spinning around our waists, to the Food Truck parked a few houses down. (I’m proud to say I won. Three times.)
One girl told me it was the best party she’d ever been to, because “I’ve never been around such cool stuff.”
And in this little neighborhood miles from Noblesville, I even saw people that I knew. Kay Grimm and Sue Spicer have an incredible story. They live not far from Windsor Park and have purchased vacant city lots and turned them into heirloom gardens—Fruit Loop Acres. I had met Kay and Sue earlier this year—in Noblesville at a house concert—and I was and am captivated by their work and their passion.
And, two days after this I got invited to perform with my LED hoop at a launch party next month.  The hoop has taken me to amazing places. The circle keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s an incredible life.

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