Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pieces of You

(from Sept. exhibit at HEPL)

            With only three days left in the month (where did September go?), I recommend that you make a point to visit the library to see the Art exhibit Pieces of You. This collaborative Art project was made possible by Kandi Jamieson of Arthouse and her students at Cicero Adventist Elementary and Indiana Academy.
            Stapled onto the curved wall, you will see 2,947 small plastic bags, each containing a small object. These comprise a memorial representing all of those that died ten years ago on 9/11. On the anniversary of 9/11, amid a flurry of facebook questions and status updates asking and answering ‘where were you?,’ I stayed quiet.
            Where was I? I was safe in my tiny house, hundreds of miles from the horrors. I didn’t lose anyone I loved. I didn’t personally have to grieve the loss of a husband, a child, a friend. I didn’t know anyone that was there.
            The exhibit is poignant in its simplicity—ranging from items as common and mundane as a twist-tie or candy wrapper to a tiny dog biscuit to a crocheted flower. “Each item represents a person like you and me,” Jamieson said.
            “It’s ironic because all these items can be found in the junk drawer at some point, and just like the junk drawer where items are lost and forgotten, we’ve taken them out and put them on display to remember. I wanted to find a way we could connect it to our personal life.”
            After September, the exhibit will be on display at Arthouse, 195 S. 10th Street, Noblesville.

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